The 30(ish) Minute Financial Plan

January 1, 2016

Financial Plan

Today, we want to help get your new year started off right. Whether you’re just beginning your financial journey or you consider yourself a money master, you’re bound to get valuable information in today’s show.

Why? We’re giving you a rapid-fire financial plan in 30(ish!) minutes that will get you on the right path this year. 

We know you’re on the edge of your seat, but before we review this awesome financial plan, we want to remind our listeners that we’re also fee-only financial planners who would love the opportunity to help you form a rock solid plan for financial independence. If you want more common sense advice, please reach out to us. You can email brian [at] money-guy.com or bo [at] money-guy.com. We read every email!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why an estate plan and a will is non-negotiable if you have younger children
  • The reason why Brian is such a big fan of life insurance
  • Why disability insurance is just as important as life insurance
  • Why emergency reserves are a must, even if cash doesn’t seem all that attractive
  • The basics behind getting a debt management plan together
  • What big mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to debt, like buying too much house
  • The value in thinking about tax planning, especially when it comes to your income sources in retirement
  • How functioning in “stealth mode” can be good for your financial plan
  • Why it’s foolish to pass up an employer match (it’s free money!)
  • Which accounts you should focus your investment efforts on, and in what order
  • The reason you should put your retirement ahead of college savings for your children
  • What to do if you’re too focused on cash flow rather than how assets are affecting your net worth
  • That even though analytics have their place, human behavior sometimes trumps decisions (and why that’s okay)
  • One of the easiest ways to save: shop around


Go Beyond Common Sense With the Money-Guys

We can’t thank you enough for making 2015 such an amazing year. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings for all of our listeners and for us!

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