Keys to Success

In running a wealth management practice, we have the privilege to work with individuals who have experienced a large amount of success in life.  Based on our own success, as well as that of our clients, we have some personal insight into what it takes to set and...

Netflix, Millionaires, and Operation Twist

There have been a lot of things going on here lately at the Money-Guy Show, so today’s podcast covers a variety of topics including Netflix, becoming a millionaire, and Operation Twist. Netflix A lot of you guys have asked about the recent changes in the service...

Is Now the Time to be Taking Risks?

Even though the economy has shown some signs of life over the last month and a half, I feel it is safe to say we are still in or around the low-point of the economic cycle, the trough if you will. Many individuals are feeling that because things have gotten so bad,...

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