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About Us

We help people fast-track financial freedom and lead more fulfilling lives.

We believe anyone can be financially successful.

We’re fiduciary financial advisors with a desire to give back. Over our 40+ years of combined experience, we’ve watched smart financial strategies not only transform our own lives, but the lives of countless clients and friends.

We produce educational, entertaining financial content that simplifies complex ideas and motivates people to find independence.

Brian Preston CPA, CFP®, PFS and Bo Hanson CFA, CFP®, host livestreams, full-length episodes, and Q&A segments every week covering a variety of topics designed to remove barriers to financial independence. What started as Brian’s passion project in 2006, has grown into a purposeful enterprise garnering 15M+ views on YouTube and 4M+ podcast downloads in 2021 alone.

The Money Guy Show is here to be a resource for your financial journey – to get you on the right track, find the “why” behind your wealth building, and ultimately, focus more on what really matters.

Where You Can Watch and Listen:

Subscribe on these platforms or wherever you listen to podcasts for new episodes every Friday, live streams every Tuesday at 10am CT, and new highlight clips throughout the week.

The Origin Story


Brian becomes a Financial Mutant

Brian's high school economics teacher told his class, “I am so jealous of you. If you invest just $100 per month starting today, you will be a millionaire.” Brian was introduced to the power of compounding interest and his passion for personal finance was ignited.

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The Money Guy Show is born.

Brian's imagination was captured by his first iPod and the discovery of this thing called “podcasting.” His desire to make great financial advice available to everyone (not just his clients) made the creation of his own show a no-brainer.

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The podcast takes off.

The Money Guy Show consistently ranked in the Top 10 business podcasts on iTunes over the next several years. In 2010, Bo Hanson joined the show and brought not only his own expertise, but also the conversational, brotherly dynamic you know and love today.

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The YouTube channel launches.

After being hired to create financial training videos for over-the-road truckers, the team realized there was an opportunity to put the podcast on the booming platform of YouTube. This revolutionized the show all over again and introduced smart financial strategies to a whole new audience.

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The first Money Guy course launches.

The team realized the need for a deeper dive on certain financial concepts, along with the desire for a more personal touch and concise format. The Financial Order of Operations course was born and met with great appreciation. And that was just the beginning.

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The show hits 100,000 YouTube subscribers!

Amazed at the Money Guy family's enthusiasm and loyalty to the show, the channel crossed the milestone of 100,000 subscribers, and over 1 million views per month - and just keeps growing!

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Meet the hosts

Brian Preston, CPA, CFP®, PFS

The guy who started it all. Brian founded The Money Guy Show back in 2006 with a dream to make smart financial strategy accessible to anyone who needs it.

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Bo Hanson, CFA, CFP®

He's so excited you're here! Co-host and financial expert, Bo teams up with Brian to bring a fresh perspective and the "secret sauce" dynamic you know and love to The Money Guy Show.

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