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The Money Guy Net Worth Tool

This power-packed tool walks you through what financial metrics to track, calculates your progress, highlights successes, reveals areas that need more attention, and shows your growth over time automatically.

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guide to retirement

How to Ensure a Successful Retirement

Getting in the habit of saving and building wealth early in life can be difficult. Surprisingly, transitioning back to a spender in retirement can also be difficult. Even if you have done all the hard work, you must be mentally ready for retirement, not just...

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who wants to be a millionaire

The Mindset Required to Become a Millionaire

There are specific actions that must be taken to become a millionaire; depending on your age and expected rate of return, you can determine the dollar amount you need to save each month to become a millionaire by a certain age. If you’re older or have a substantial...

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tax show

How to Save Money on Taxes

Taxes are an unavoidable part of life, but there are ways to lower your tax burden. In 2020, there was a plethora of new legislation and law changes that could change your next tax bill. It’s important to know how those changes affect you and how to optimize your...

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