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Millionaire Mission

A 9-Step System to Level-Up Your Finances and Build Wealth

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A note from brian

I wrote Millionaire Mission to inspire this generation to be better with money!

My success was sparked by books I read at the start of my journey. This book can change your life – no matter where you are financially or where you came from.

If you are starting out, your future is bright if you can grab these financial truths. If you are a seasoned, seven-figure success story, you will find tips to help you fine-tune the details. If you are behind, this can be your resource to catch up and overcome. I hope Millionaire Mission is your financial rocket fuel, propelling you to your more beautiful tomorrow!

About the book

There’s a better way to do money.

Millionaire Mission helps you account for your blind spots, overcome the fear of making wrong decisions, and take the guesswork out of what to do with your next dollar.

Brian Preston, host of The Money Guy Show and cofounder of Abound Wealth Management, lays out a nine-step system for building wealth with the money you already have.

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Financial order of operations

Taking control of your financial freedom is simpler than you think.

In fact, your money should work harder than you do.

Remember “PEMDAS” from grade school? It’s an acronym that helps break down complex math problems into simple steps. When it comes to managing your money, following a similar process—the Financial Order of Operations— will demystify your dollars and show you the way to build transformative wealth with the tools you already have available. Each chapter in the book breaks down a step in the Financial Order of Operations.

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Step 1

Keep Your Financial Life Out of The Ditch

(Cover Your Highest Deductible)

Step 2

Love That Free Money

(Max-Out Your Employer Match)

Step 3

The Joneses Are Broke and Miserable

(Pay Off High-Interest Debt)

Step 4

Rainy Day Done Right

(Build Emergency Reserves)

Step 5

Tax-Free Armageddon

(Tax-Free Growth with Roth and/or HSA)

Step 6

Max-Out Retirement Options

(Take Your Finances to the Next Level)

Step 7

Building That More Beautiful Tomorrow

(Leverage Hyper-Accumulation)

Step 8

Funding Abundance Goals

(Prepay Future Expenses)

Step 9


(Prepay Low-Interest Debt)

You can own your time and own your life.

Stop worrying so much about money and start focusing on what really matters to you. Millionaire Mission will do more than help you optimize your army of dollar bills - it will motivate you to be the best version of your financial self. What do you have to lose? Let’s discover what small decisions you can make today to move you closer to your more beautiful tomorrow.

What people are saying

“In a world with increasing “get rich quick” voices and videos, Brian has written a practical and trustworthy guide for every stage of life to build true wealth and enjoyment.”

Clark Howard, Consumer Advocate and Money Expert

What people are saying

“In Millionaire Mission, Brian provides a thorough and practical road map for anyone seeking to build wealth in a fool-proof manner. Consistent with the teachings and data detailed nearly 40 years ago in The Millionaire Next Door, Brian’s work supports the view that “being rich is better than looking rich.”

Sarah Stanley Fallaw, Ph.D., President, DataPoints and co-author, The Next Millionaire Next Door

What people are saying

Millionaire Mission is going to change peoples’ lives. Brian is the ultimate voice when it comes to achieving abundance and wealth. I recommend this book to anyone!”

Caleb Hammer, Digital Content Creator, Personal Finance Advocate, and Debt Expert

What people are saying

“He’s just so dang likable.”

George Kamel

What people are saying

“The Abundance Cycle is at the heart of the drive to give away free information.”


What people are saying

“Bo and Brian developed a media enterprise called The Money Guy Show, which grew to give the firm a national presence. The show was intended to serve as an educational platform, but it brought clients from all over the country.”


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