Bo Hanson, CFA, CFP®

Podcast Co-Host, Financial Advisor, CIO/CCO, and Ringer

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Bo is passionate about all things finance, and loves helping people make smart financial decisions. He knows it’s extremely fulfilling when solid financial planning “clicks” for the people he serves.

Bo is also the co-host of award-winning podcast, The Money Guy Show, where he and Brian Preston share guidance and insight on topics ranging from clipping coupons to saving for retirement — and everything in between. He has been featured in and contributed to Fox Business, Bankrate.com, Time, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, US News, World Report, and more.

Outside of the office, Bo loves spending time with his wife, Jenna, and their daughters, Barrett and Baylor. They live just south of Franklin, Tennessee and attend Stonebridge Bible Church. He serves on the board of Preston Taylor Ministries, an organization that provides mentoring, education assistance, and discipleship to youth in Nashville. In his spare time, he loves staying active and being outdoors.

Things You Didn’t Know About Bo:

Bo sleeps with his eyes open (pretty off-putting to his wife or those who catch him stealing cat naps).

He was a collegiate baseball player which has served him well in both church-league and beer-league softball.

Bo began working as a financial advisor before he hit legal drinking age but that’s probably expected when you wrap-up college early.

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