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Bo Hanson, CFA, CFP®

Co-Host, Financial Advisor, CIO/CCO

Bo Hanson is the co-host of The Money Guy Show, and Partner and co-founder of Abound Wealth Management (an RIA with around $1 billion in assets under management). With over 14 years of experience, he still gets so excited to see a solid financial plan “click” for the people he serves.

In 2011 Brian Preston decided to feature him on an episode of the show – and the rest was history. It’s hard to imagine The Money Guy Show without the incredible dynamic between Brian and Bo, and the fresh perspective and expertise Bo continues to bring to the table each day.

Bo's “Why”

Bo didn’t come from money, so he experienced firsthand the power of small, but powerful financial decisions over time. He’s driven to build something that lasts, and loves that he gets to wake up everyday, ready to spread the message of life-changing financial advice. He’s all about simplifying complex ideas and motivating people to find independence so they can focus on what really matters.

Personal Life

Bo lives just south of Franklin, TN with his wife, Jenna, and three children, Barrett, Baylor, and Stone. Outside the office, you can find him staying active and being outdoors, attending Stonebridge Bible Church, on a date night with his lovely wife, or shuttling kiddos to and from activities.

Things you didn't know about Bo:

  • Bo sleeps with his eyes open (pretty off-putting to his wife or those who catch him stealing cat naps).
  • He was a collegiate baseball player which has served him well in both church-league and beer-league softball.
  • Bo began working as a financial advisor before he hit legal drinking age.