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Brian Preston, CPA, CFP®, PFS

Founder, CEO, Bestselling Author

Brian Preston is the founder and host of The Money Guy Show, author of the New York Times bestselling book Millionaire Mission: A 9 Step System to Level-Up Your Finances and Build Wealth, and Managing Partner and co-founder of Abound Wealth Management (an RIA with over $1 billion in assets under management). With 25+ years of financial planning experience and over 617,000 followers across his social channels, Brian empowers people to implement simple financial strategies that go beyond common sense. He has become known for the nine-step system to building wealth, the Financial Order of Operations, which has helped millions of Americans to secure their financial future. Brian started his podcast as a passion project in 2006 with the intention of sharing his financial strategies with the masses. Fast forward, and The Money Guy Show is now its own enterprise. With 41M+ views and 9M+ downloads in 2023 alone, the show has helped millions of individuals build wealth and own their time through podcasts, YouTube videos, courses, social media posts, and more.

Brian's “Why”

Born of humble beginnings himself, Brian’s personal finance experience went from pinching pennies on a $7 date to eventually becoming independently wealthy, clear on his purpose, enjoying the entirety of his life, and laying down a compulsion to accumulate wealth solely for its own sake. The advice he gives every day was borne out of his own experience and the journey he’s undertaken to create abundance. He believes anyone can find financial success by applying simple financial strategies. He is living proof of that belief—as are so many Money Guy followers.

Personal Life

Brian lives in Franklin, TN with his wife, two daughters, and spunky dog, Lilly. When he’s not busy making the wonderful world of finance accessible to the public, you can find him watching the latest movies, traveling with family and friends, and cheering for the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Brian is notorious for his enneagram 7 personality, bold sense of humor, love of all things Disney, and organized chaos.

Brian talking into microphone

Things you didn't know about Brian:

  • He worked throughout college as a bus driver at UGA. He kept his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) until he moved to Tennessee in 2016.
  • Brian’s father was Steve Spurrier’s left tackle at the University of Florida. Ask Brian to see his 1967 Orange Bowl watch or other memorabilia he has on display in his office to remember his late father, John.
  • Brian is a huge Disney fan. He has always been inspired by the relationship between the Disney brothers, Walt and Roy, and continues to draw inspiration from Walt’s pervasive philosophy of “plussing” whatever project was put in front of him, leaving it better than he left it.

“I wanted something live, something that could grow, something I could keep plussing with ideas, you see? The park is that. Not only can I add things but even the trees will keep growing; the thing will get more beautiful every year.” – Walt Disney