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Is Roth Really A Solid Financial Strategy?

After watching Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, we realized the financial world has its own ferocious apex predator. Roth assets sit on the top of the food chain! They get tax-free growth, provide emergency access to your funds, and there are no required minimum distributions for these kinds of assets. 

In this show, we break down how Roth assets can help you grow your wealth exponentially!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The powerful growth that happens to $1 when invested at 20, 30, and 40-years-old
  • How to reframe your excuses when it comes to saving and investing
  • How Mitt Romney’s investment disclosures inspired Brian’s nerdiest financial daydream
  • Why Roth and Traditional 401(K) can have different results (as illustrated in the story of Roth Ralph and Pre-Tax Patty)
  • Practical steps for setting up your first Roth IRA
  • How pre-tax dollars are going to make all the difference on your path to financial independence
  • Resources for making the most of Roth assets no matter your income level

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