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Stimulus Package, Tax Preparation Discussion, and IRA Rollovers

On this episode of the Money Guy Show we cover the following items:

  • Details of the Government’s bipartisan economic stimulus program
  • “How to drive your tax preparer crazy” discussion with CPA, Brandon Verner
  • Listener’s Question Answered: What to do with 401k accounts from prior jobs

Shameless self promotion: Last week I was on the Fox Business Network’s “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” to discuss ways to survive this crazy financial market. If you would like to see me in action then check out this link (click here) .

Helpful links for today’s show:

*The Government’s plan for Economic Stimulus: Wall Street Journal (subscription required) article titled, “Washington Sets $150 Billion Plan to Jolt Economy (click here for link)

We made Money Guy history in this show by having our first phone interview with Atlanta CPA, Brandon Verner (click here for a link to his firm’s site). The site was having some technical issues this morning, so I am providing you with Brandon’s email if you want to contact him directly [email protected]. In this segment I took the advice of several listeners and spiced up an article that I wanted to cover for the show by bringing in an expert to discuss the content with me. The article covered is from the Consumer Report Money Adviser Newsletter titled, “How to drive your tax preparer crazy”. This article is great for those that use a tax preparer to complete their taxes (click on link if you are interested in subscribing to the Consumer Reports newsletter).

In the third segment of the show I answer a listener’s question about what to do with 401k accounts from previous jobs. Listen to the show for guidance on the subject.

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