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retirement investing

How To Invest for Retirement the Right Way

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Our Financial Order of Operations lays out what to do with every dollar, including when to pay off debt, when to build an emergency fund,…

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interest rates

Why Forecasting the Future of Inflation (and Interest Rates) Is So Difficult

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We are not in the business of making predictions at The Money Guy Show. In fact, if you’ve watched or listened to the show for…

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home buying

7 Lessons I Learned From Buying My First House

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There is no replacement for hands-on experience. You can read all you want to about Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, starting your own business, or buying a…

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credit cards

Why Are Credit Card Interest Rates So High?

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Average interest rates on credit card accounts assessed interest last year rose to a record high of 22.75%. If you never carry a balance on…

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budgeting app

My Experience Using You Need a Budget (YNAB)

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You may have heard the news: the popular budgeting app Mint is shutting down in March. We reviewed some of our favorite budgeting apps in…

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