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Millionaire Mission Downloads

Thank you for your purchase of Millionaire Mission! Below are all downloads included with your purchase of the book, organized by chapter in which they appear.
Introduction: You Can Be Rich!—The Morrow Moment
  • What’s Your Money “Why?” [Download Link]
    • Understanding your relationship with money and what drives your financial decisions is an important step towards achieving a healthy relationship with wealth-building and the tool of money. Here are important questions to ask yourself to understand better where you are starting in your personal Millionaire Mission.
Respect the FOO and Ground Rules
Step 1: Keep Your Financial Life Out of the Ditch (Cover Your Highest Deductible)
  • $200/Month Challenge [Download Link]
    • Use this table to help you spot areas you may be able to cut expenses. Enter the amount saved per month by cutting expenses in the “Amount Saved” column. Complete the $200 challenge by saving at least $200 per month!
Step 2: Love That Free Money (Max-Out Your Employer Match)
Step 3: The Joneses Are Broke and Miserable (Pay Off High-Interest Debt)
Step 4: Rainy Day Done Right (Build Emergency Reserves)
  • Emergency Reserves: Budgeting to Create Discipline [Download Link]
    • You should typically have between 3 to 6 months worth of expenses in an emergency fund, depending on your job security, career field, and other factors. Before you can know how much you should have, you must know how much you are spending every month. Use this worksheet to tabulate your expenses.
Step 5: Tax-Free Armageddon (Max-Out Tax-Free Growth with Roth and/or HSA
  • Roth and/or HSA Contributions [Download Link]
    • The younger you are, the longer your dollars have to grow. Roth IRAs are especially powerful because all of that growth will be tax-free if taken in qualified distributions. HSAs are tax-deductible when you contribute, savings grow tax-free over time, and withdrawals used to pay for qualified medical expenses are tax-free.
Step 6: Max-Out Retirement Options
  • Maximizing Employer-Sponsored Accounts [Download Link]
    • Use this checklist as you think about contributing more to your employer plan and potentially maxing it out and beyond.
  • Money Guy Net Worth Template [Download Link]
    • Your Net Worth Statement is a powerful tool that allows you to have a comprehensive picture of your financial life. Your Net Worth Statement allows you to track all assets and liabilities in one place. This shows not only a full picture of what you own and what you owe but also lets you see how each asset and liability affects your net worth and financial goals as a whole. It can bring order and organization to a chaotic financial life and provides peace of mind knowing that your affairs are well documented.
Step 7: Building That More Beautiful Tomorrow (Leverage Hyper-Accumulation)
Step 8: Funding Abundance Goals (Prepay Future Expenses)
  • Prepaid Future Expenses [Download Link]
    • Prepaid future expenses is the stage where you save for your kids’ college, rental property, extravagant vacations, and maybe that cabin in the mountains. Use this worksheet to fill in your prepaid future savings goals and your “why” behind each one.
Step 9: Debt Freedom (Prepay Low-Interest Debt)