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Net Worth by Age (Compared to Peers)

We did the math. How are you doing relative to your peers? Discover what your Net Worth should be by age if you follow The Millionaire Next Door formula (we even fixed it for those under 40.)

The MOST common financial question people ask, no matter where they are in their financial journey, is if they are on track. Sure, you may wonder about how to save more money, retire early, or invest smarter… but it all leads back to the quintessential question about whether or not you are where you need to be, right now, to reach your financial goals.

So, are you?

Find out how your Net Worth stacks up compared to your peers in the same decade of life, and how close you are to leveling up your finances to the next tier of wealth. This sheet breaks down the average Net Worth by age in a super easy-to-digest format.

Print it, pin it, memorize it. It’s all yours!

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