Great Personal Finance Advice, Are Credit Cards Evil, and the Wealth Spectrum

November 5, 2007

evil catI’m powering through today’s show with a head cold, so hang in there with me because this cold medication slows me down a bit. Enough excuses — let’s get to what you came here for 😉

8 Experts Recall Their Best Personal Finance Advice” by Dana Dratch from bankrate.com

Are Credit Cards Evil, or Just Dangerous?” by Liz Pulliam Weston from MSN Money: Defending credit card companies is hard to do because they do have quite a few practices that are down right sleezy (shrinking grace periods, escalating interest rate, holiday due dates, etc.), but if used properly they can be a helpful financial tool.

Where Do You Stand in the Wealth Spectrum?” by Lee Eisenberg from Bankrate.com: I’m willing to bet that the majority reading this information would be considered high income … high wealth individuals. If only we all felt as wealthy as the article makes us out to be!

Dealing With a Disaster and Your Insurance Company” by Jennie L. Phipps with Bankrate.com/Yahoo Finance: With the fires in California and the time of the year … I felt this article was appropriate.

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