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3 Money Mistakes That Could Devastate Your Finances

Some financial mistakes are more harmful than others. It’s extremely important to get the big stuff right. Not only do you build a solid foundation, you also create a margin for error so that smaller “mistakes” don’t hurt as much. For example, if you get the big...

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How to Use Behavioral Finance to Your Advantage

We often don’t recognize the underlying factors and biases that affect our financial decisions. It’s easy to see where your problems lie; maybe you spend too much, save too little, or have more debt than you can handle. Recognizing your problems is the easy part. It’s...

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3 Flaws in Dave Ramsey’s Investment Strategy

Dave Ramsey has helped millions of Americans with debt, which is no easy task. Over 5 million have participated in Financial Peace University, and over 4 million high school students have participated in Dave’s personal finance program for high schoolers. Dave’s...

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Small Financial Decisions Can Make a Huge Difference

The “latte effect” describes spending money on small things that have little to no impact on our lives. The concept is true; small amounts of money spent on a regular basis can cost us more than we can imagine over the long run. If you bought a $5 coffee every single...

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Are Electric Cars Cheaper Than Gasoline Cars?

Electric cars are here to stay. Manufacturers of traditional gasoline powered cars, like Ford and GM, are starting to jump into the electric vehicle market. It’s not difficult to imagine that at some, possibly not-too-distant point in the future, the majority of new...

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