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How Much Does It Cost to Buy Happiness?

Can you buy happiness? How much does it cost to buy happiness? What is the relationship between money, wealth, and how happy you are about life? While we don’t have all the answers, we do think we offer a unique perspective on this topic because of our day jobs as fee only financial advisors. We have many conversations with our clients in regards to their money, goals, dreams and what makes them happy, and we share our high-level observations in this week’s episode of The Money Guy Show. 

Over the years, we have made it our business to learn and understand the ways in which money correlates with happiness (and in which ways it does not!). Tune into this week’s show to learn how you can derive the greatest happiness from your army of dollar bills.

Here’s What You’ll Find Out in this Episode:

  • The difference between happiness and fulfillment
  • How your emotional well-being factors into happiness
  • What the monetary threshold for happiness really is
  • If there are “side-effects” of financial success and what they are
  • When a perceived positive item in your life, such as a premium vehicle, can produce negative feelings and outcomes
  • How giving big ticket items to teenagers can be detrimental to their long-term happiness
  • The three common mistakes that prevent people from reaching happiness
  • The four ways to spend money that can yield the most happiness and fulfillment
  • Why you should use your money as a resource
  • How you can expand the excitement of your purchases with ‘over research’
  • The biggest influencers when it comes to your happiness
  • A secret for parents that encourage children to be successful

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