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Love and Marriage… and Finances (Rewind)

We intro with today’s show as a preface to our next show, which will recap Bo’s first year of marriage. From there Brian and Bo replay last year’s show that happened two weeks before Bo and Jenna’s wedding.

Make sure not to miss our next show which will go into more depth of Bo’s initial year in marriage, while also hitting on the way that money can impact your marriage. After next week’s show we transition away from the topic of marriage and back to our Money-Guy array of topics.  

·         Interesting Facts:

o   According to a Utah State University study: “Couples who reported disagreeing about finances once a week were 30 % more likely to get a divorce than couples who reported disagreeing about them once a month.”

o   The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues published: “Finances proved to be the leading cause of conflict in marriage, with 39% of respondents listing it as their primary issue and 54% as their secondary issue.

·         Link to last year’s show and notes:  (Audio Player located at the bottom of the page)

Love and Marriage… and Finances

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