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Top Secret Planning Strategies of the Rich

You’re not going to believe we’re giving away this advice for free! We’re so excited to share these untold secrets and help you take your finances to the next level.

WARNING: These ideas are advanced. While they may be exactly what you need to achieve financial abundance, each step involves complex rules and the IRS. You may not want to try these without a professional.

If these strategies sound like your next step, let us guide you to success! It may be time to take our relationship to the next level as part of the Abound Wealth family.

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s episode:

Advanced Charitable Giving

  • How to use Charitable Gift Funds like a pro
  • How to give a larger gift to charity and get a larger tax deduction
  • What a “QCD” is and why every non-profit, church, and person over 70 needs to know about it

HSA Fund and Hold

  • 3 Ways to Use an HSA (and how most people miss best one)
  • The powerful HSA strategy only 4% of people are taking advantage of
  • What happens to your HSA if you pass away

Roth Conversions

  • How to get the tax advantage of a Roth IRA in spite of the income limit
  • The one “catch” to Roth Conversions
  • A flow chart that lets you know if Roth Conversions are right for you

Mega Roth Conversions

  • How to contribute $50,000 a year to a Roth IRA (We know it sounds crazy!)

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