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Why Do Stocks Go Up (and Down)?

Join us for this investment-focused episode of The Money Guy Show. Getting yourself primed and ready for financial independence typically takes years. Most of us don’t experience a windfall of wealth, but can steadily accumulate wealth over time by making smart investment decisions.

Part of what goes into making smart money choices is understanding your investments, how they work, and what impacts how they perform. That is why we take a deep dive into investments and share the fundamentals of what investors should know about stock valuations.

In this show, we cover what drives the stock market’s ups and downs, how you can measure how you’re doing with your investments, and the common investing mistakes to avoid.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this episode:

  • The three (measurable) factors that drive stock market returns
    • Growth and earnings of a company
    • Dividend yields of a company
    • Change in the price to earnings ratio and what it means
  • What to do with your dividends when you’re in the growth phase of life
  • What you can control as an investor to set yourself up for financial success
  • How to interpret the price to earnings ratio
  • The key takeaways of the price to earnings ratio
  • Understand how all three of these factors work together to determine your yearly annual performance
  • How knowing what influences your annual performance helps you to avoid common investment mistakes
  • What those common investment mistakes are and solutions to combat them

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