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Investing Showdown: Dollar Cost Averaging vs. Lump Sum!

It’s a debate as old as time: what’s better, dollar cost averaging or lump sum investing? In this episode, we’ll cover the nuances and pros and cons of both, including in-depth case studies comparing investors at different times. Research and resources from this...

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Are $1,000 Car Payments Becoming the New Norm?!

New data shows more Americans than ever have car payments over $1,000. Is this becoming the new normal? How much could having a car payment of $1,000 be costing you for retirement? For more information, check out our Car Buying Checklist!

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34-Year-Old Millionaire Shares His Secrets! w/ George Kamel

We have a very special episode of The Money Guy Show with a very special guest: George Kamel! George joins us on the show to talk about how he became a 30-something millionaire, his journey at Ramsey Solutions, and exclusive money-saving hacks and tips. Enjoy the...

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