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  1. This could be an interesting topic for a future show.
    With all the different financial certificates that “financial experts” have, (from certified financial planner, retirement specialist etc……, )what can people do with their different certificates??

  2. for a while, i thought the roth 401k was a good deal. now i think not. it is very important to note that the proper comparison when considering roth vs. traditional is your MARGINAL tax rate now vs. what it might be in retirement. ex: you’re MFJ pulling in $150k combined now at the 28% marginal rate. you plan to pull $50k in retirement (marginal rate is 15% currently.) do you really think tax rates will go up 86% btw now and retirement? that’s a huge increase. another consideration that tilts toward going w/ the tradl option–will you potentially have a year in which your income temporarily drops (unemployed, slow start to you’re own business, etc.) in which you can convert from tradl to roth? personally, i’m sticking w/ tradl 401k from now on and will invest the difference in taxable.