Have you reached the abundance stage, and are looking for someone to help guide you in maximizing your potential?

You’ve done an amazing job building wealth, but with your success comes new complexities and opportunities that you don’t want to miss out on. There’s no need to let the stress and gravity of your financial decisions take over your life. Rest easy knowing your financial life is on solid ground and start enjoying an abundant life of financial freedom!

How does Abound Wealth work?

We are fee-only fiduciary advisors. The services we provide are long-term in nature, as we believe ongoing holistic financial planning and investment relationships work best. We’ve tried both hourly and retainer-based models in the past and even though they were still fee-only, hourly fees felt very transactional. The time that we were able to think about and devote ourselves to the client’s situation happened when the next meeting was coming up or the next report was due. We’ve found that we’re able to deliver the most value when we have an in-depth, on-going relationship rather than a transactional, one-off engagement.

How can I reach out to Abound Wealth?

If you are interested in working with Abound Wealth, we have everyone start by filling out this form on our “Work With Us” page. This lets us get to know you a bit better and helps us guide you to the right next step. After filling out the form, an Abound team member will follow up with you within in a few business days.

Here are a couple of videos explaining how to start working with Abound Wealth.


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Video: How and When to Hire a Financial Advisor!


Video: Take Your Finances to the Next Level! | Work with Us


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