2022 Money Guy Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2022

Having trouble finding something for that hard-to-shop-for family member? Want to treat yourself a little this Christmas? Look no further than our 2022 Money Guy Gift Guide. Included in this list are some of our top choices for the financial mutant in your life and Brian and Bo’s favorite gifts!

Stocking Stuffers

Our Net Worth Tool is the perfect tool for tracking how your net worth changes over time, your taxable buckets, how quickly your assets are growing, and more. Tracking your net worth can help you retire early, pay off debt, increase your net worth, get on the same page as your spouse, and stay motivated. Check out the trailer here.

This is Brian’s favorite wallet and money clip combo. It holds your cash and up to seven cards. The wallet is made of genuine leather and has a cool trigger on the bottom to pop cards up when you need them.

A meat thermometer to grill like the boss you are. Fast and accurate to ensure your meat is grilled to perfection. Includes a built-in bottle opener for those that prefer a few cold ones while grilling.

Gifts for Financial Mutants

Find out how much wealth you need, when you’ll get there, and ways to speed up the process with our Know Your Number course. Our course can help make sure you’re on-track for retirement, identify your goals and help you get there faster, and accounts for different variables (you can adjust your assumed rate of return, inflation, and see what would happen if you save more).

Turns out, money does have an instruction manual. Our nine tried-and-true steps walk you through what to do with each and every dollar. The FOO course includes video lessons, additional FAQ videos, homework assignments that walk you through each step, access to our private Facebook group, and private live streams with Bo and Brian.

Steal His Look

Brian 2


Perfect for when you take the family to Disney World. Extremely comfortable and all pockets have zippers so you won’t lose your wallet, keys, or phone no matter what rides you go on.

Excellent quality shorts for working out. Very soft.

These everyday pants are overpriced but oh so good. Perfect pants for wearing to work that are comfortable and feel like sweatpants.



We know everyone wants to know more about Bo’s workout gear, so here you go. He especially loves the Luka Short, Luka HD Short, and Enzo Tees.

Comfortable and long-lasting work shoes.

Two questions, between Bo and Brian, who wore it first and who wore it better?

Bo’s favorite hoodie for working out. Soft, lightweight, and affordable.

Perfect work shirts. Breathable, soft, and comfortable.

Great for wearing around the house or to check the mail. Very comfortable.


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