The Financial Order of Operations (FOO) is The Money Guy foundation for financial success!

It’s an instruction manual for your money.

Knowing exactly what to do to grow your money can feel like a mystery. Turns out, money does have an instruction manual. FOO is a nine step process that will help you know how to maximize your army of dollar bills, as well as allowing you to understand how your current decisions may affect your future finances. The FOO will help you maximize your wealth building potential, and identify weaknesses that you may not realize are prohibiting your money from growing exponentially.

Why is the FOO an important tool in your journey to financial success?

The FOO will help you understand powerful resources to save and grow your money, using the money you have right now to take advantage of compounding interest and set yourself up for success. It will also give you a great idea of where you are on your wealth building journey. All nine steps are strategically placed in a way that helps you grow as you move along the path to financial abundance.

What are the 9 steps?

  • Deductibles Covered
  • Employer Match
  • High-Interest Debt
  • Emergency Reserves
  • Roth IRA and HSA Contributions
  • Max-Out Retirement Options
  • Hyper-Accumulation
  • Prepaid Future Expenses
  • Low-Interest Debt Pre-payment

How can I get access to the FOO?

If you’re new to the Financial Order of Operations, start with our free download. This one-sheet PDF lists the nine steps at a glance.

If you’re ready for a deeper dive and community who are working through the steps along with you, join our Financial Order of Operations course. The course includes 12 exclusive video lessons, 27 FAQ Questions, and homework assessments to help walk you through each step! Course members also get access to a private Facebook group and exclusive livestreams with Brian and Bo.

Access the Financial Order of Operations Course!

View the first course video for free and see how our 9 steps compare to Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps below:

Video: The Very First FOO Course Video (And It’s Free!)


Video: The Truth About Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps