Financial Hacks and Habits of the Top 1% of 30-Year-Olds!

February 7, 2023

In this highlight, we discuss the habits of the top 1% of people in their thirties. This highlight comes from our show, “Financial Hacks and Habits of the Top 1% (By Age).”


The median income for the top 1% in their 30s is $347,000 and their median net worth is $3.3 million. This is a significant jump from the average net worth of the top 1% in their 20s, which was around $500,000.

Compounding can be a powerful tool for everyone, including the top 1%, to build wealth. However, making smart financial decisions early on is key to becoming a millionaire in your 30s. One of the traits that people in the top 1% in their 30s have figured out is that they didn’t choose a bad or wrong partner. Choosing the right partner can have a significant impact on financial stability and success.

Another factor that contributes to the wealth of people in their 30s is finding and doing what they love vocationally. 86% of millionaires say they enjoy what they do for a living. This is a testament to the idea that money often follows when one is fully engaged and passionate about their work.

The importance of choosing the right partner extends to making other large financial decisions as well. Divorce can have a devastating impact on wealth, with individuals experiencing an overall drop in wealth of 77%. This is due to not only the cost of dividing assets in half, but also the unhealthy spending habits and decisions that often accompany a struggling marriage.

In conclusion, the key to success for the top 1% in their 30s is a combination of compounding, smart financial decisions, and finding fulfillment in their work. These lessons can be applied to everyone, regardless of their income bracket, to help achieve financial stability and success.

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