George Kamel LOVES to Spend Money on THIS!

August 10, 2023

George Kamel loves spending on beautiful home decor, dining out, and traveling, but they still seek deals and savings.

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You’ve talked about things that you don’t like to spend money on, right? You know, Remit talks all the time, but hey, there are things if you love something, lavishly spend on it if it’s a thing and if it’s in your budget. Are there things that you guys love to spend money on? I mean, Brian, you talk all the time about travel being your big one. Like, you’ll budget and save and whatever, but when it comes to travel, that’s where it’s like, “I want to create the memories and do the things.” Do you guys have that, and has it changed from what you were willing to spend money on a decade ago to now in millionaire status?

Okay, well, now I’ll spend money on that or I’ll want to spend more money on those things. Yeah, that’s good. I would say we’re very aesthetically minded, so we want to walk into our house and have beautiful furniture. I don’t want to have the same IKEA futon like I did in college or the Walmart area rug I had after I graduated college. So my wife likes nicer things, and I appreciate that too. I think more people would spend time in their homes and be less likely to leave and go spend money elsewhere if they enjoyed their domicile. Yeah, right, they’re, so that’s something we are willing to spend money on. Now that we are where we are financially, I’m less likely to hound Facebook Marketplace to try to find a deal for six months. I might just go, “Hey, I’m gonna get online, find a promo code, and just buy the West Elm great room by room.”

Did you do the whole house? I am that type, again, I’m a little bit OCD. I didn’t want to live in a house that was half-baked for a year. Okay, some people do that, it’s fine. It’s hard to furnish an entire house day one, it’s nearly impossible. So we try to reuse as much furniture as possible. We also try to just buy as much as we could with a deal on a budget. You get real creative when that happens. Some stuff we got from Facebook, some stuff was a promo code, some stuff I’d get on the online chat and be like, “Hey, do you guys have any specials going on right now?” So I’d use apps like Honey online to find promo codes, or they let you buy gift cards at a discount when you’re checking out. It’ll be like, “Hey, you can actually buy a $250 gift card for this $300 purchase.” And I was like, “Whoa, life hack.” So things like that allowed us to stretch the budget even further. Those are things I’m willing to spend money on. And then those convenience things, like I have a monthly house cleaner, that’s money well spent because we’re not sitting there wondering who’s gonna scrub the showers or last time we saw that mold on the ground. I’m not touching that stuff.

So, that stuff, lawn care, landscaping, handyman work, I’m happy to spend money on. Food and travel, we’re moderate foodies, I guess. In Nashville, there always has to be a new restaurant to try, so spending money at a restaurant, I’m willing to do, but I refuse to get appetizers or desserts generally. So that’s kind of a “not a dessert guy” thing. I scream on the way home for seven bucks that you split instead of the 13-dollar dessert at the restaurant. So, I’m not saying it’s a never, sometimes I enjoy a good cocktail with dinner, sure. But the most profit margin these restaurants make is on beverages, desserts, and appetizers, that’s true, 100% true. Cover your ears, but then I want you to give a tip after this is over.

I found when I was home shopping and stuff like gadgets, like Crutchfield, all their stuff is somewhat expensive for electronics, but you can use, okay, this is the part you gotta cover your credit card rewards to essentially, because I did the same thing. Almost all my Sonos was bought through there because all that stuff’s price controlled, so I was able to use credit card rewards to kind of for like 200, get a 300-dollar gift card. I know, but I’m sure because that’s what, yeah, that was you and I were vibing. No, no, we have a good thing, it’s like the stretch. George isn’t gonna get mad. This is the part that I love, is that we have these differences, but there’s so much in common that it all kind of still gels, that’s right, in a lot of good ways.

But here’s the thing, you guys can afford it, yeah, you know. But again, we’re all kind of in the same frugal train, so if I can save a buck, I’m willing to do it. Yeah, there are just things I’m not willing to do. Fair enough, I get it, very good. That’s why I soldier to cover your ears, this is so funny. So the other day, we’re in Franklin, it’s a local spot, and my wife’s grandma was with us, so she wanted to cover the bill, and so she pulls out the credit card, which is fine, I’m not, you know, however she… I’m not like, “You can’t do that!” So she goes to pay with a credit card, the machine doesn’t work, so they say, “Hey, can you go bring this little reader to the guy?” I said, “No, I can’t, I can’t walk up. I can’t have it with a credit card and be like, ‘Hey, we’re trying to make this.'”

And I was like, “On the off chance someone recognizes me, I don’t want to be caught dead holding a credit card.” And wouldn’t you know, the guy was like, “Hey, are you George?” And I was like, “Yeah.” And he said, “You know…” I love it, so I truthfully like people are like, “No, but you must have, you must have, you have to tell people not to.” I’m like, “Bro, this is my entire wallet. I have a Regions debit card, and I have my license. That is the only thing I carry.” I love it when George and I ate at Ramsey Solutions one day, and I saw him paying, it was with a debit card though because they allowed, and I asked him and I said, “Do they allow credit cards at the food court?” It was a great question. I was like, “I don’t know that they have a way to stop someone from doing that.” I would love, I bet they… Well I mean that was really intresting, but he really dose practice what he preached. I hope like an alarm goes off so all if a sudden it starts ringing. For more information, check out our free resources.



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