A Man on a Mission to help the next generation achieve ‘financial abundance.’

Brian reflects on the writing process and dives into key moments from his first book.

If you are excited about Millionaire Mission, curious about Brian’s story, or wondering if this book is right for you, this interview will take you through it all!

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What made you want to start writing Millionaire Mission? How long have you known you wanted to take on a project like this?

Writing a book has really been a bucket list desire for probably… over 10 years? I’ve had a few false starts and it just never happened. And then, during the pandemic, when I was at the house with the family, I thought, “I have all this time, maybe this is my chance to see if I can get some traction and make a book happen.” I am fortunate that this is the one that took.

Was this in your “dream plan” when you first started The Money Guy Show? Or is writing a book something beyond what you even imagined.

No, not at all! Everything at this point is beyond the original intent. Believe me, sitting in a studio with a lot of employees, and putting gel and hairspray in my hair before this, that’s just…that’s not what I was imagining when we started.

Who do you hope reads the book?

I mean… Look, it’s hard to say you want everybody to read it, so I’ll try to fine-tune it a little beyond that. I do hope that every curious person who has the desire to find a better way to do money finds this. I think about myself, just graduating from college. I had already had my “Morrow Moment,” but I needed the actual execution, the “what is that next step with my next dollar?” I attribute books like The Millionaire Next Door and The Wealthy Barber to giving me that road map. Inspirationally, I’d love to be that catalyst, or the seed that’s planted that creates the action.

But I also love it for my successful folks, too. Because it’s so affirming. I believe this book could be a full, well-rounded book that hits people no matter where they are in their journey. I really do think it could benefit about anybody out there.

What’s your favorite story from the book writing process? Any funny or meaningful moments that stick out?

It was fun for me having conversations with my mom, just making sure that my memories were right. I talk [in Millionaire Mission] about some of the unique things my parents had to do when my dad lost his job when I was in middle school. What I recalled as a child were the good parts of memories, when my dad was always around, but I wanted to check with my mom.

First, to make sure all of the facts were right. But also to hear her give her own stories. And it just … just having that conversation with my mom made those stories, where I was talking about those broke decisions we made, that much more fun to reminisce. Especially since dad’s not around anymore.


What part of the book are you MOST excited for people to read?

I think the intro is pretty exciting. It talks about how I caught fire on this whole concept that $100 a month could create abundance. So, I love that. I do love the boiling point chapter where I talk about going beyond the basics and when you can start celebrating success. And then, it’s no accident that the last chapter is what I do with my own money.  I think that for anybody who might be curious: Do I practice what I preach? How do I handle my money? If you know that I’m going to lay out what I do with my money, maybe that will get more people in the door and change even more lives.

In the book, you dive into the “Financial Mutant Mindset.” Do you feel like being a Financial Mutant is something you’re born with, or something you can develop?

I think it can go both ways. I think mine was definitely nurtured because I had it modeled by my parents. But the good news about money is once you catch these concepts – you catch the math, you catch the cool fact of letting your money work for you – it is something that can be learned. So even if it’s not your natural desire to be a saver instead of a spender, I think if you understand the “why” and you know what you’re building money for, it can help you overcome your “natural state of being.” That’s what I hope also – that by sharing all the stories, the why, and the math in Millionaire Mission, that it does help anybody who’s struggling to overcome that.


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I love the optimism excerpt you have toward the beginning of the book. You say:

“We live in the greatest time to build wealth and fulfillment in the history of the world, but that is not shared publicly. We live in a world where many voices on the news, politicians, and social media are telling you that the system is stacked against you. I completely disagree with this fatalistic perspective. It is back to my core belief that villains and victims do not win. However, victims can become the heroes of their own story once they embrace that negatives and hardships may have contrarian opportunities. The world needs an optimistic resource that shouts from the rooftop… How your journey started doesn’t define how it ends.”

Why do you feel like optimism is such an important part of success and how has that affected your journey?

First of all, the stats show that optimists win. When we do our research, around 80% of millionaires and successful people are optimists, whereas that is not the default of the American population.

And then I think about my own life. I like to say that I’m good at finding the silver lining. I wish more people realized good can grow from bad. I think about all the things that have happened in my life that have created tremendous struggles. I have somehow – and I don’t know if it’s a superpower or if it’s a skillset – I have found good from every one of those things.

I think about losing my father early. That was the catalyst that led me to reevaluate what my “why” was. What was I getting up for? What was I working for? Was I going to be able to do the quality father things that he was able to do for me, like be at all the school events? I used that clarity of trauma to go start my first business. That negative, which was horrible for me in my life, yielded me making a decision that has bared tremendous fruit.

I think about my youngest daughter, who was diagnosed with autism. There’s a good chance that she will be with us for the rest of our lives, which puts a lot of burden and a lot of insecurities in our life. But I think about the fact that even from that scary, scary thing, that was the catalyst that led me moving from my hometown in South Atlanta all the way up to Franklin, Tennessee, so she could go to a special school. And then all the good, good things that being in a creator ecosystem has led to.

And then even this book! Millionaire Mission was born out of a pandemic. That is an exclamation point on how good things can grow out of the bad. So don’t have the victim’s mentality. Have the mentality that you can be an active participant in the role of your life and become the hero by overcoming whatever obstacles are put your way. There’s a lot of them out there, but you can overcome it. You just need to know what small decision is going to get the ball rolling that is going to create the better tomorrow for yourself.

You talk about this ability to “turn from a consumer to a creator.” Can you elaborate on that and why it’s so important financially?

I’m a capitalist through and through, but the sad thing about our economy is that there is a lot that is sitting on the back of consumption. There are entire industries that are encouraging you, “Hey, go spend every dollar you make,” “You can afford anything at $100-$200 a month.” All of these things are nudging you further and further into consumption.

When you make small decisions that don’t benefit you today, but have tremendous results down the road, that doesn’t seem naturally apparent. That’s why I love trying to be the educator, the teacher, that lets people know, “Hey, go counter to what everything around us is telling you to do.” And if you can do things just slightly different, just 2-5% better than your peers, then you can have financial abundance.

In the last chapter, you dive into a lot of details on how you spend your own money – how your accounts are structured, your savings rates, your investments. We won’t get into the details, but can you at least tell us: Do you eat your own cooking? Do you follow the Financial Order of Operations (FOO) to a “T”?

I think anybody who is on the content team knows that I am very aware when we’re talking about goals. I try to make sure that we’re not hypocritical about anything. I’ve definitely put a lot of respect and a lot attention to make sure the journey I’ve shared is the same journey I hope that you can repeat, replicate, and create success for yourself.



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We know that a lot of people feel overwhelmed when it comes to their finances. For people who are just starting out in taking control of their money, what do you hope they get out of this book? What do you want them to walk away with at the end?

I’m hoping that they’re just beaming with optimism. Because they’ll have the instruction manual, and they’ll know what to do with their next dollar. That’s really what I’ve tried to lay out, is everything you need to think about on the simple path to wealth. Now, once you get to complexity, there’s probably where you’ll have some more questions! But I’ll get you to a level of abundance beyond your wildest dreams if you just follow the steps.

What about someone who is in the Messy Middle of their life or their money?

I hope that they see they’re not alone. The Messy Middle is legit. Yes, you’re going to be struggling with every dollar that comes into your possession and trying to fulfill all of the obligations you have to your family, to your job. It’s that part of life where the days are long, but the years are short, and you’ll look back in a sentimental way. You’ll see that you survived, and you actually grew and prospered because you stayed focus on what was really important during that really tough period.

And what about people who are longtime listeners of the show? Maybe they’re reaching abundance or starting to transition into retirement. What can they expect to take away from the book?

I want to create something that creates a true ‘out-loud’ reaction. I’m hoping that successful people will read this and go, “Yes! Finally somebody said it! They’re saying the things I have learned in my own path to success!” I want it to be very affirming. And for you to think, “This is so good that I need to go pay it forward.”


Millionaire Mission is almost out, releasing on May 28th  … Will there be a book 2?

Oh, come on! It’s just like…I have two children. At my decade, now that I’m older, I think maybe I should’ve had another. But when I was in the Messy Middle, two seemed like plenty! So I think to ask me while my book is a newborn is probably not the best time to ask if there’s going to be another. I’m not going to say no, because I know how it works with children, but I’m in the Messy Middle of being an author.

Is there anything you want to say to The Money Guy family? To anyone who has watched the show, shared it with people they know, and have made changes in their own lives because of the work you put out?

There was a question earlier that asked, “Did you always know that this was going to become this?” And, for somebody that thinks that they have good field vision, I am way outside of what I ever dreamed was possible. I think about that every morning when I wake up. I started this passion project to help educate people, to try to scratch the itch of being a teacher, and you guys have just kept showing up. You’ve always been very supportive. I see it when the trolls come out from under the bridges to pick on me, there’s always 5, 6, 7 of you who come to my defense. I think because you can see where my heart lies, you can see where my goal and my intent is. So, thank you guys, tremendously.

I am always amazed when you come by for a tour and you’re like, “Man, I’ve been listening to you since 2008,” “I’ve been listening to you since the beginning of 2006,” and I’m like holy cow! The people who come to me who had just graduated college and now they’re executive-level success and we were part of that journey … you have no idea how much my heart sings. And that’s why I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you, and thank you for making this journey possible. I’m just so thankful also that I’ve had the opportunity to get it on paper.

You can pre-order Millionaire Mission now through May 28th!

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