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How to Save Money on Taxes

Taxes are an unavoidable part of life, but there are ways to lower your tax burden. In 2020, there was a plethora of new legislation and law changes that could change your next tax bill. It’s important to know how those changes affect you and how to optimize your tax...

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What Is the Safe Withdrawal Rate for FIRE?

For retirees, the withdrawal rate is the amount of money taken out of their portfolio each year for living expenses. Withdrawals may be required, in the case of required minimum distributions (RMDs), or they may be dynamic (if the market is down, it may make sense to...

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How to Buy a New (or Used) Car

Cars are one of the few purchases you’ll make where there is normally an element of bargaining involved to get the best deal. Some car manufacturers, such as Tesla, have eliminated bargaining from the process almost entirely, but if you are buying a new (or used) car,...

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Are You Ready to Be Wealthy?

Are you ready to be wealthy? That may seem like a silly question; after all, who isn’t ready to be wealthy? To build wealth properly, though, you need to be ready. If you aren’t in the right mindset, or don’t have the proper discipline, you won’t be able to build...

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How to Pay for College

College can be expensive even if you’ve done a good job saving for it. Parents cover about 23% of college costs, and the remainder is the student’s responsibility. Or, in reality, it’s usually up to the parents to help the student figure out how to pay for college....

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Timing the Market Is Even Harder Than It Looks

Timing the market and investing (or pulling everything out of the market) at opportune times is an extremely difficult, if not impossible, task to accomplish. Average investors consistently underperform market indices, and even professional fund managers lose to their...

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