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Capital Gains, Mortgages, and Retire Early but Beware

The Holidays are officially here. Most people are working a short week, but hopefully you are still wanting your weekly dose of the Money Show. There is a good chance that there will not be a new show next Monday (headed down to Orlando with the family…. we are going to spend Thanksgiving with Mickey Mouse and Cinderella).

As for today’s show we cover the following:

Capital Gains Looming Once Again by David Hoffman with Investment News… Investment News is an industry magazine that I get, but I think the information in the article is important because it ties to our discussion from last week about the level of distributions that many of us will recieve this year from our Mutual Funds.

What Kind of Loan Should You Get provided by… Many of you have asked me to share my insights on what type of loan you should get for your home. Read this article and you may also consider using the worksheet that Smartmoney provides as well at the following link (click here)

The Pitch: Retire Early. The Catch: Shady Brokers by Kathy Chu from USA Today… With the large numbers of Baby Boomers that are about to retire you need to make sure that you understand that some advisors may promise you more than what can be considered reasonable.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!

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