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Everything You Know About Money Is Wrong

Everything you know about money is probably wrong and holding you back from success in your financial life! Well, today that will change. In this episode of the Money Guy Show, we are going to straighten it all out for you.You have to be very aware of how your thoughts impact your behavior with money. How you think and feel often drives action. We truly are living in the age where we have 24/7 access to information. However, is having the ease of access to so much information helpful when it comes to making sound financial decisions? We’re not always convinced it is.

You want enough information to inoculate yourself against financial missteps, but not so much that it actually leads to behaviors that undermine your success with money. It is imperative for you to understand what is actionable – the good news versus what is minutiae and noise that can sidetrack you into making horrible decisions. Fasten your seat belts as we jump into this week’s episode of The Money Guy Show!

Here’s What You’ll Find Out in this Episode:

  • The influencers that shape your inner voice
  • Biases and blind spots that can affect your decision making
  • How you can prepare a path to move forward in your life
  • The origins of The Money Guy Show
  • How to become an optimist
  • What the correlation is between losing weight and building wealth
  • The importance of writing down your goals
  • How to understand what drives you in your life
  • Why it is important to have a good support structure with accountability
  • What does the concepts of Limiting Beliefs vs Liberating Truths mean
  • Why Nike’s slogan is applicable to all of our lives
  • What tools are available to you to “just do it” in your financial life
  • The crazy risks to avoid when taking the leap of “just do it”

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