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The Best Ways to Save and Pay for College

If you have children or you’re thinking about funding any kind of future education, this episode is your new best friend! We’re breaking down the best ways to save and pay for college, plus giving you hard numbers that will help you make the best decision on where to get your education.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where saving for college falls in The Money Guy Order of Operations
  • What money conversation every parent should have with their kids
  • How much each type of college costs and what you need to save each month to get there
  • What a 529 is and why it’s such a powerful tool for college savings
  • Other great ways to use 529 assets (besides just paying for college)
  • How to choose a 529 plan (and avoid getting ripped off)
  • Whether or not tools like Roth IRAs, life insurance, and student loans are viable options for funding education
  • Where to find FREE money that will help you pay for college
  • How to choose the best type of education for you

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