March 16, 2012

In running a wealth management practice, we have the privilege to work with individuals who have experienced a large amount of success in life.  Based on our own success, as well as that of our clients, we have some personal insight into what it takes to set and accomplish your goals. If you have not yet reached your personal, professional, or financial goals, we share some tips in today’s show to help you succeed across the board.

  1.  Have a long-term view:  Determine what you ultimately want for your life and make decisions that move you in the right direction.  For example, do not accept a job with a slightly higher starting salary over one that will ultimately present better opportunities for you in the future.  Also, when shopping for cars, consider an economical, reliable car that will last several years over the cheap clunker that constantly needs repairs.  You can use this same long-term focus when making decisions about starting a family, buying a house, or any other major life choice.
  2. Watch out for traps:  In job hunting, interviewers often use tricks to see how potential employees handle themselves in certain situations.  Watch out for off-topic subjects and stay focused on the purpose (landing the job).  In the financial world, there are endless traps that you must be wary of.  Many investments aren’t as good as they look on paper, so be sure to do adequate research before committing to anything.
  3. Know your passion and what makes you happy:  We know this is overused, but it’s true that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  If you can figure out what your passion is, that will bring you more happiness than constantly chasing more money.  The ironic thing is, money usually shows up when you are doing what you love because you will work harder.  Know where you are in life, what you’re good at, and go after it.
  4. Be persistent:  The second best answer you can receive from someone is “no”.  If you really want something, you have to fight past the insecurity you may feel and go for it.  You don’t have to harass people, but you also can’t wait for things to fall in your lap.
  5. Be willing to put in the work:  A famous bodybuilder has put it this way:  “Everybody wants to be strong, but no one wants to lift heavy weight”.  Likewise, everyone wants to have a lot of money, but no one wants to save it.  There are many people who are not willing to defer gratification or work towards a goal, and if you can stand out as someone who is, your chances for success are much higher.
  6. Travel the road less traveled:  Don’t be afraid to be a dreamer, but be a dreamer with a plan.  It is an amazing thing in this life that we all have the ability to go after our dreams.  If you are taking a huge risk, be prepared for the worst case scenario and also be prepared for the haters along the way.

We hope you all have a happy, safe St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.  Get out and enjoy the nice weather and take some time to appreciate life.  If you guys have any more tips for success that you want to share with us and other listeners, please post below or on our Facebook wall!



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