Are You Running Out of Time to Build Wealth?!

February 15, 2023

In this highlight, we discuss how to know if you are running out of time when it comes to building your wealth. This highlight clip comes from our full show, “The Most Valuable Asset in Building Wealth!”


Time is one of the most precious resources that we have. It can help us build wealth easily, but it can also have an amplified impact if we make poor decisions or are not good at using it effectively. Unfortunately, time is fleeting, and this is something that far too often, people only recognize too late.

When we are young, we often feel like we have all the time in the world and that it doesn’t matter if we put things off for later. However, this is not realizing the value of time and how it can run away from us if we don’t pay attention to it. By the time we recognize its value, it can be hard to go back and reclaim it.

As we get older and advance in our careers, we have more job responsibilities, get married, have kids, and get involved in our communities. All these commitments start pulling on us, and one day we wake up and realize that we are no longer in control of our time. This is the harsh reality of life and why we always talk about the messy middle when it comes to 30-somethings.

The illustration that we often refer to compares our commitments in life to our disposable time. Life is not fair, and as we get busier, we end up crowding out important things and decisions. We don’t even have time to stop and think, and it’s just a reality of life.

The earlier we recognize the importance of using our time wisely, the more valuable it can be. Just like putting money to work as soon as we can, using our time wisely also has a compounding effect on our future selves. In our 20s, we may not have disposable income, but we do have disposable time. This is the best time to make the most of it and start working towards a future where we can own our time.

The ultimate goal of financial independence is to do life on our terms, and the only way to achieve this is by investing something early on. When we have time in abundance, we should not take it for granted, but instead use it wisely to maximize its value. This way, when we get older, we will have the flexibility to be more purposeful with our time and to spend it with our family and friends.

In conclusion, time is a precious resource, and it’s essential that we use it wisely, especially in our 20s when we have the most of it. By doing so, we can ensure that we will have the financial resources and flexibility to do life on our terms and build the memories that matter most.



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