How to Maximize Your Income By Choosing The Right Occupation

July 24, 2023

Choosing the right occupation might not be necessary for financial success, but it certainly makes the ride easier. The majority of the general population does not work in their field of study, but the majority of millionaires do. Want to know what to do with your next dollar? You need this free download: the Financial Order of Operations. It’s our nine tried-and-true steps that will help you secure your financial future.


Let’s talk about the fourth one because this one is a really important one that often gets overlooked. We think that if you really want to think about how to win with money and at the same time live a fulfilling life, you ought to consider: “Am I choosing the right occupation? Is what I’m doing for a living really what I ought to be doing so that I don’t have the Sunday scaries every week?”

Look, the content team – sometimes, I feel for them. I don’t know if we should have a camera in there or if counseling should follow because I go on tirades about how much I love education, but I also get mad at education. Education was the ladder that I feel like took me from the lower-income family life I came from to where I am now. I put it all squarely on the shoulders of having parents who valued education and then me going to college and making it all happen. So when I see all the struggles with student loans and the runaway debt, it breaks my heart. We’ve turned something so positive into a negative.

What I want to be crystal clear on is that you have to find the intersection of your passion, your knowledge, your aptitude/skills, and where the market demands lie. You have to consider if there is actual value in the marketplace for what you’re learning in college. So, you need to be very deliberate with your education and occupation choices because they have a huge impact on your earning potential.

Realistically, if you’re a full-time worker, working 2,000 hours per year (two weeks off with paid time), then over a 45-year career, you’ll spend 90,000 hours doing this thing. So, it’s essential to find something you enjoy, find fulfilling, and that aligns with your talents and the market demand. However, the statistics show that many job seekers with degrees regret their field of study (44%), and only 27% of graduates work in the field they studied.

On the other hand, we find that 72% of our clients work in their field of study because they were deliberate with their choices. You need to be intentional, considering the purpose and end goals of your education and career path to align your talents, the market, and your resources. Your time is your most valuable resource, no matter where you are in life. Wasting time is more expensive than wasting money. If you squander your time, you can’t get it back, and it affects your future time. So, be goal-oriented and have a financial plan in place to ensure you’re not wasting time and resources on things that don’t align with your objectives. Start with a clear understanding of where you’re going and create an offense plan to reach your success. Millionaires allocate their time, energy, and money efficiently to build wealth, recognizing it as a valuable resource that shouldn’t be squandered. For more information, check out our free resources here.



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