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7 Things We Wish We Knew About Money Earlier!

Have you ever stumbled upon some life-changing information and thought, “If only I had known about this sooner!” or “What have I been doing my whole life?” For young Brian Preston, that was discovering the joys of buying the nicer laundry detergent.

In this episode, we walk through the life-changing financial advice you need to know! We hope you have a “if only I had known” moment today, so you don’t have to experience it later. Put these financial truths and hacks to work and watch your financial life change for the better!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What pop culture gets wrong about money
  • The REAL reason people say “time is more valuable than money”
  • How the lazy investor can come out on top
  • Why your attitude toward money and wealth building can change your outcome
  • How to tell the difference between regular information and actionable information in financial media

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