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Pizza and Other Financial Leftovers

I’ve had a crazy, crazy week. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) called last week and let me know that they were stopping by our offices. As you can imagine, this is not my favorite kind of phone call. We had nothing to hide or worry about, but it’s still a stressful situation. In light of this visit I decided that this would be a great time for me to focus the show on a few “rainy day” articles I had put away to discuss.

Here are the links or references to the articles I mention in today’s show:

“Putting The Summer Stock Sell-Off In Perspective” (the complete article available in the 4th Qtr issue of the Wealth Report Newsletter … sign-up below).

A Candid Conversation with Greenspan” (available through

Thirteen Retirement Myths” (available through Money on

“Ranks of Millionaires Skyrocketing Across the Globe” (the complete article available in the 4th Qtr issue of the Wealth Report Newsletter … sign-up below).

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