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little money = BIG DEALS!

With all of the doom and gloom in the financial markets right now, surely you are asking: why in the world would I be talking about spending money? Especially when shows over the past few weeks have been concerned with ways to save money! Even bad situations can have a good side.  In this economy it is the incredible deals that retailers are about to send our way.

There are some truly unbelievable deals coming available in the retail marketplace in a few weeks. Why? Because just like most everyone else, retailers are scared, and in light of them being so scared, they are willing to offer YOU, the consumer, incredible deals. This, coupled with the holiday season, has got me excited.

Personally, I get satisfaction from knowing that I have the uncanny ability to shop smarter than other consumers. In today’s show, I walk you through my process of really seeking out the best holiday deals. Also, if you can wait for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, you will be rewarded with once in a lifetime purchase opportunities.

My Shopping Process – Finding and Tracking my Target:
First, I start out by making a list of things that I want/need: TV, vacuum cleaner, Christmas presents, toaster, etc. Next, I go to Here I’m able to determine which brand, size, and type of product is going to be perfect for me. Then I go to From this website I can search for any specific product and find the lowest price being offered from the universe of retailers who sell the product. Finally I will go to Here I can find any promo codes or coupons that may be offered to lower the price of my desired good even more.

Black Friday Cheat Sheets:
Throughout the show I go into detail about some of the specific services these sites have to offer. I also note some really great websites you can use to find the best Black Friday deals:,,, and finally, my favorite,

Beware of the after Christmas Gotcha:
As a side note, I would like to dis-spell a common myth. Waiting until after Christmas to shop DOES NOT produce the best deals. The reason for this? Gift cards. As you listen to the show, you will understand exactly what mean.  I hope this week’s show really helps. Happy shopping!

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