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The Money Guy Mailbag Episode

Do you ever wish that the Money Guys would answer your money-related question?

That’s exactly what we’re doing in today’s episode. It’s time for a mail call, and we’re answering questions from members of the Money Guy family.

We receive a lot of emails and comments from our listeners, and we want to show our appreciation by recognizing those people and directly answering some of the questions that come in to us. A few weeks ago, we asked those of you that follow us on Facebook to submit topics that you would like to have covered on the podcast — and our community came through with a ton of great questions.

Let’s dig into the mailbag and respond to the questions that matter to you.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why debt is like a utility knife
  • What you need to know when using store credit cards
  • The truth about carrying debt
  • How many mutual funds you should have in your portfolio
  • If crowdsource lending is a good investment
  • What’s an ETF and how do they work
  • The effect of volatility in your investment portfolio
  • How to handle risk tolerance
  • The ideal time to have the risk capacity conversation


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