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Breaking Down the It Factor

Have you ever wondered how those super-productive people seem to get everything done — and make it look so easy in the process? You’re not alone in asking this question, and today, we’re bringing you the answer.

We’re breaking down the it factor and outlining the actions that you can take to shift your focus and begin boosting your productivity to reach a higher level.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this episode.

But before we jump into the show, we want to remind our listeners that we’re also fee-only financial planners who would love the opportunity to help you plan for your financial future. If you like our common sense advice and would like to learn more information, please reach out to us. You can email brian [at] or bo [at] And yes, we read every email!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to discover the number one secret to your productivity
  • What actions you should take first thing in the morning
  • Why you need to leverage technology
  • How accountability helps defeat procrastination
  • The importance of writing everything down
  • How checking your e-mail is affecting your productivity
  • The benefit of saying ‘no’ to almost everything
  • Why you should delegate more of your tasks
  • The importance of recharging your mind and body


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