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Zero-Fee Index Funds! Here’s What It Means for Your Wallet

It’s an exciting time to be an investor because price wars have been gradually bringing down the cost to invest in recent years. But is it really possible to invest with zero fees?

Well, as a matter of fact on August 1, 2018, Fidelity Investments announced two index funds that will operate without annual expense charges (internal expenses) and without a minimum investment requirement.

We’ve observed the industry has been slowly moving toward zero, and it looks like it has finally gotten there. Join us for this week’s episode of The Money Guy Show to hear us discuss this big news about zero-fee investing and what it can mean for your wallet and future.

In this week’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • Why a zero-fee investment option is now available to current investors
  • How the average investor benefits from the competition between fund managers
  • How Fidelity’s competition responded, and will they follow Fidelity down this path to zero, too?!
  • What you as an investor should anticipate from zero-cost investment providers
  • What you can do with this news.
    • Hint: Take a closer look at your current holdings, make sure you’re maximizing all your resources and current technology to leverage the right opportunities, remember you have choices
  • Red flags investors should watch out for when it comes to investing in mutual funds
  • How to research index funds and how much you’re paying for yours
  • What taxes have to do with the fees you pay (or don’t pay)

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