There are several unique savings opportunities for military personnel!

There are multiple benefits and specific programs that can help military personnel build wealth.

Military One Source is an excellent resource that provides a comprehensive list of benefits and programs for active duty or retired military personnel. Military One Source: Financial and Legal specifically discusses financial and legal benefits. “Military Assistance” is another resource that provides a comprehensive list of benefits for military personnel.

The “Thrift Savings Program” (TSP) is a retirement plan for military and government civilian employees. This is similar to a civilian 401(k) plan. The TSP Roth option is a great opportunity to build Roth assets. Additional programs offered only to military personnel are the “Post-911 GI Education Bill”, the “Savings Deposit Program” for deployed military members, and Veterans’ Administration Home Loans.

The Financial Order of Operations is an excellent guideline that Brian and Bo have developed to help people in any type of vocation, military or civilian, build wealth and reach financial independence.

Download your free copy of the Financial Order of Operations.

Brian and Bo address Thrift Savings Programs (TSP) in the following video:

Video: Roth TSP vs. Roth IRA: What’s the Difference?