Buyer Protection, Listener Emails, and Economic Research

March 5, 2009

In trying times, it isn’t enough to just be an intelligent investor. To truly get your financial house in order, you must also be a good consumer. It is so important today to make sure you can stretch your dollars as far as possible. This doesn’t just mean seeking out great deals, but it also means protecting your purchases. In the show today, I share a story that has recently happened with my associate Bo and his encounter with an Ebay purchase, as well as my father-in-law’s flat-screen woes.

MoneyBlueBook.com is a blog site run by a part-time attorney in Washington D.C. In a post titled, ‘Get A Free Extended Warranty By Purchasing With a Credit Card‘, he does a great analysis on additional protection that is offered by some credit card companies. If you remember a few months ago in our show interviewing Liz Weston, she shared her experience with a defective iPhone. Because her purchase was made with her credit card, she had an additional warranty available that would not have been otherwise. The best part of it all? It DOESN’T cost extra! As you listen to show, keep your ears open for some of the buyer protection opportunities offered by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Click on each link to read them for yourself. Credit cards are not the only way to get a little bit of free extra protection. If you make purchases through PayPal, they also have extended warranty policies so long as you are very timely in your claim.

I go on in the show to read some listener emails. I love when you guys provide me with feedback and, believe it or not, I actually enjoy those emails that may conflict with some of my viewpoints. I try to always stay open to new views and thoughts, and I welcome healthy debates. Healthy, of course, meaning well-thought out and not irrate ramblings and accusations. Then, if I feel like you’ve made a good point or brought something to my attention I may not have thought of, I like to share it on the show.

At the end of the show, I share some research that Bo and I have done. We wanted to go back and track tax revenue as well as government expenditures, and then break it down further by who was president and who held the majority in Congress. What we found was very interesting and I think it ties in to a lot of things we have been saying over the past weeks.

We are constantly working on our memebership section to get it ready for you guys. However, we are ‘money-guys’ and not ‘computer-guys’, so right now we are trying to iron out all of the bugs before we unleash it. We really do feel that it is going to be an incredible resource, espcecially considering the current economic climate. We will be posting all of our research so that you don’t have to take our word on anything. We want to provide you with the facts, and then let you form your own opinions on policy, what works and what doesn’t, and where you think the economy is going. Along with the research we will also have model asset allocations, commentary, the Wealth Report newsletter, and many other features. Keep your eyes and ears open in the coming weeks for more information.

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