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Cheapskates, Tightwads, and Penny Pinchers

Money-Guy 04-16-2010

Today’s show is a fun one! With it being the day after tax day, we thought we would do a very light-hearted and entertaining show. Don’t worry, though, our next episode is back to the “meat”. Our topic today is based off of an article in this month’s Readers Digest titled “The Cheapest People in America”.

If you want to read the article yourself, click here.

As you listen to the show you will hear stories about individuals that:

  • Save an automatic 5% when going out to eat.
  • Get free popcorn and drinks when they go to the movies.
  • Make “homemade” car air fresheners.
  • Plus many, many more

You will also hear about some people who go to the extremes and may even cross that line of what could be considered ethical decision making. Some of these people:

  • Drink free coffee all year.
  • Never pay for a movie.
  • Have all the condiments and napkins they need without ever going to the grocery store.

You will even get to hear how Bo goes grocery shopping and how I mastered the $7 date when I was a young man. We hope you enjoy and maybe even discover a way to save a few bucks.

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