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How to Leverage Fear for Financial Opportunity

Everyone has fears. It’s what you do with fear that determines whether or not you will allow it to help you or hurt you. In this episode of The Money Guy Show, Brian and Bo explore how investors can leverage fear to their financial advantage and discuss the steps you can take to overcome your fears to reach success.

It’s important that everyone understand how fears play a role in your portfolio decisions. It’s also important to recognize the different types of fear that plague investors, whether they’re natural fears like natural disasters or artificial fears pontificated by the media and other talking heads. Ultimately, The Money Guy Show is determined to help you go beyond common sense when it comes to your finances so that you can make smarter money decisions.

Join us this week to learn:

  • The roll fear plays in your financial decisions
  • What it means, practically, to buy low and sell high
  • How to be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy
  • What you can learn from the dark moments of life and benefit from a bad situation
  • What Brian’s and Bo’s financial fears are
  • How to create a self-assessment to face your fears
  • What you can do right now to control your fears instead of letting fear control you
  • The one thing you’re not doing that will turn fear into financial opportunity

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