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How to Survive and Thrive Financially From This Year’s Presidential Election

This year’s presidential election has a lot of investors on edge over what the outcome will mean to their bottom line. That’s why in this week’s episode of The Money Guy Show, we are talking about all the ways you can survive and prosper financially regardless of who gets elected come November 8.

Ultimately, we want to impart to our listeners that it’s statistically unlikely that short term volatility will have an impact on your long term investments. Instead, we walk you through exactly how your wallet will be impacted from the election and what you and your family need to know.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we take forty minutes to unpack what really affects the financial markets and how to focus on the things that you can control this coming year that can potentially pinch your purse.

Join us this week to learn:

  • Whether or not the financial markets really care who wins
  • How to avoid long term mistakes due to short term fears
  • How to protect yourself against political blind spots
  • What you need to know about insurance, who needs it, and how much
  • What volatility during an election cycle means for you personally
  • Why healthcare costs may have a significant impact on your finances
  • A step by step guide to navigate the Affordable Care Act this year
  • Why it’s so important you do your homework now before you sign up on the Affordable Care Act exchange
  • The biggest shock you may encounter January 1 as a result of changes to the Affordable Care Act
  • How to advocate for your healthcare

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