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The Secrets of the Financial Planning Industry

Have you ever felt confused about what really goes on in the financial planning industry?

Many people take a do-it-yourself approach to managing their money. For some, this is simply a preference. But for others, it’s a direct result of confusion, mistrust, and bad information around the financial advice industry.

Traditionally, this profession has lacked transparency, and stories of bad experiences with salespeople disguised as “advisors” deters many people from even trying to seek out reliable, trustworthy financial planners. (And yes, they do exist.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a look behind the scenes and know what’s really going on? On today’s episode, we’re doing just that!

We’re digging in and shedding light on the things that you’ve always wanted to know about an industry that few truly understand. Get ready to pull back the curtain and understand what really goes on, what you need to know to identify the good and the bad in financial planning, and much more.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How your financial advisor gets paid
  • Who the “unicorn” of the financial planning industry are
  • Why all financial planning business models have some conflict of interest
  • The difference between the fiduciary standard and suitability rule
  • Why performance is a fleeting concept and investing is not the solution
  • The top 4 credentials for financial professionals


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