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Seeing the BIG Picture of Your Financial Life

We all come from different families, unique individual talents, geographic locations, and from poor, modest, or wealthy parents. These are the special recipe ingredients that make us who we are. You don’t realize it, but some of these special recipe ingredients will be the rocket fuel that propels you to tremendous success, and some will be the limiting beliefs or blind spots that could slow or derail your best version of yourself.

Let’s make sure that your financial decision making is BIG enough and that you are not being distracted or derailed by a blind spot or limiting beliefs. Join us for this week’s episode of the Money Guy Show where we share practical advice on how to reach your full wealth potential.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this episode:

  • How to set BIG picture goals and why this matters to your financial life
  • What it means to find the purpose for your life, and how knowing your purpose impacts your ability to earn wealth
  • The best things you can do for your family to help set them up for success and avoid financial pain
  • How to know if your finances speak for you and meet all of your families needs and obligations
  • Ways to manage your money responsibly, and a gentle reminder about credit cards
  • Where you save your cash reserves matters. Don’t miss the current opportunity to earn up to 2% in a high-yield savings account
  • How to invest your money so that all pieces work together, rather than having a patchwork investing approach that covers everything but doesn’t necessarily work together to accomplish BIG picture goals
  • The value of using a financial planner to help organize and coordinate your financial life
  • Why financial planning without tax planning is incomplete, and how important proper tax planning is for your financial outlook
  • How limiting beliefs really do limit your financial success, and how to overcome them

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