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Ways to Overcome Investment Analysis Paralysis

If you’ve been watching the markets these last several weeks, you may be wondering what you should be doing with your investments. Rest easy, because in this episode of The Money Guy Show, we take a stroll down memory lane to explore how markets have performed over the last seventy years and what investors should do today when market performance is at an all-time high.

With the DOW fighting towards 20,000 for its longest weekly winning streak, at six, in more than a year, plenty of investors are finding themselves speculating about what comes next. Analyzing the markets and deciding what the next best money move is can be stressful and paralyzing all at the same time. To help put today’s investing environment into context, we go back several decades and look at how the markets have performed and help draw some valuable conclusions about what that means for today’s investor. We also zoom in on 2016 and walk through the wild ride we’ve had from the first 28 days to these historic final days.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss:

  • What to do when the market delivers all-time highs
  • A look back at 2016, where we started and how we’re ending
  • Overview of how the stock market operates (with the use of entertaining and informative metaphors!)
  • How fear plays a role in our investment behavior and what we have learned from it
  • When to start investing and what you should know about entry years
  • How to put your army of dollar bills to work over the long term
  • The power of dollar cost averaging and what that looks like for you today
  • When you should sell and when you should buy
  • Ways to think about your investments and how to avoid costly mistakes

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