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Eyebrow-Raising Facts About How the Top 1 Percent Manages Wealth

Ever wonder what is considered the top 1 percent of income earners in the United States? Or how they wind up managing their wealth differently from those of us still building wealth? Well, we’ve gotten some questions from our listeners about what to do with your wealth once you cross a certain threshold and how to approach some of the “fancier” products on the market that are designed specifically for people with sizable assets. The truth behind the top 1 percent of high income earners and what they do with their wealth may surprise you.

In this episode of The Money Guy Show, we talk about how much income is considered the top 1 percent in the United States and around the World, and what everyone needs to know about the financial products available to the top 1 percent. We address what you need to do with your finances even after you reach a certain wealth level and why being financially successful doesn’t need to be complicated.

Join us this week to learn:

  • What’s considered the top 1 percent for the different generations
  • What the top 1 percent of income is for the entire World
  • The different types of investment products available to high net worth and ultra high net worth households
  • A cautionary tale about Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)
  • How hedge funds, real estate, and private equity funds really work
  • At what point an investor is eligible for some of these alternative investments
  • What questions you should ask before investing in any new financial product for fund
  • Why complicated financial solutions may not be in your best interest
  • How to determine your next right step when it comes to your finances

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