With graduation season in full swing, there’s never been a better time to round-up some of our most valuable shows, resources, and articles for recent graduates and young adults. Starting your career and adult life off on the right foot can get you light years ahead of your peers when it comes to money.

Resources for Grads

Wealth Multiplier for Young Savers

In our eyes, you’re considered a young saver until the age of 35 – and for good reason. Your wealth multiplier is double digits all throughout your 20s and early 30s. Download this resource to see what each dollar invested could become by age 65, along with what you need to invest each month to reach $1 million and $2 million by retirement.

Money Guy Net Worth Template

We get it – who wants to start tracking their net worth right after graduating? You may have student loans and no real income yet. But if you start tracking your net worth now, when it’s low or even negative, you’ll be able to see just how far you’ve come in the future. If you like our basic net worth template, you’ll love our Net Worth Tool, which features a home dashboard tracking your most important net worth metrics.

Financial Order of Operations Course

Our foundational course is perfect for someone who just graduated and is about to enter the workforce. Knowing exactly what to do with your next dollar can help not only your investment accounts tremendously, but help you avoid financial mistakes.

Shows for Grads

Top 10 Mind Blowing Money Stats [That Will Make You Rich!]

The 10 shocking stats we share in this episode will make you think about money differently – like a financial mutant. We cover what decisions are actually derailing your finances, wealth-building steps that most people miss, how powerful your dollars are when you are young, and common misconceptions about millionaires.

Financial Planning 101 (By Age) 2023 Edition

Throughout every decade, there are different areas of your financial life that come in and out of focus. Watch the beginning of this episode to see exactly what you should be focusing on when you are younger, when it comes to investing, tax planning, estate planning, risk management, and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Finances in Your 20s

This “best-of” episode compiles out top money advice for those in their 20s, including how to start building wealth, average account balances in your 20s, and how to become a millionaire.

Articles for Grads

A Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting

Budgeting is an essential step in your wealth-building journey, especially starting out. This guide lays down some ground rules, including how to start a budget, how much you should spend, and tips and tricks to help you maximize your income while you may not be making very much.

The 20/3/8 Car-Buying Rule

Chances are you’ll be buying a car at some point in your 20s, and if you don’t have a high income or a lot of cash, you may need to take out an auto loan. This article is jam-packed with our car-buying rules, a table showing how much car you can afford, and a calculator to help determine what car is right for you.

How to Pay for College and Your Complete Guide to FAFSA

These articles may not be applicable to college graduates, but are relevant to anyone graduating high school, starting college soon, or relatives of soon-to-be college students. Our guide to paying for college includes some out-of-the-box ideas you may not have thought of, and our FAFSA article breaks down a difficult-to-understand topic in simple terms anyone can understand.