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How to Know If Your Financial Advisor is Working Against You

The number of people using a financial advisor has grown from 28% to 40% in just a few short years. More than ever before, people are entrusting their financial lives with financial professionals. This is great news for the financial industry and should offer increasing value to investors as well. But what happens if using a financial advisor is actually working against you and your financial success? Do you know what to watch out for?

In this episode of The Money Guy Show, we walk you through five red flag warnings that your financial advisor may not be representing your best interests.

Tune in to learn the ways in which a financial advisor may be working against you, and what you can do to protect yourself and your finances.

We tackle:

  • The significance of the Fiduciary Standard and what it means to you, the investor
  • How to spot unnecessary redundancies in your investment portfolio
  • The role annuities play in your retirement plan, and when you should question their appropriateness in your portfolio
  • Ways you may be taking on more risk than the situation warrants
  • Why you need a personalized financial plan, and why you should be skeptical if every solution your financial advisor recommends is the same (regardless of your financial problem or goal)
  • What CHURNING is, why you shouldn’t be experiencing it, and how to identify and report it
  • What errors of omission are and the difference between passive investing and ‘set and forget’ investing
  • How to find a qualified financial advisor for your needs

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